New Blog. First Post

Hi all. 

I’ve decided to add a regularly updated blog to my site. Without making it an absolute rule, I plan to keep the posts gaming related, whether about new releases, golden oldies, events, new hardware, or about my own work.

I do this for many reasons. Posterity for one, to garner discussion on topics of interest between myself and followers (rather than clutter peoples’ Facebook feeds with stuff they probably don’t care about) for another, and lastly in the hopes of generating more traffic for the site by making it more active and hopefully posting things of interest enough that people share the conversations on.

This is my first ever blog, and I know so many start off with the best of intentions and then fall by the wayside, but I know I have the follow-through and the commitment to my newly chosen career to keep it going. Setting goals and publicly declaring them is the best way to accomplish anything. To that end, I’m declaring that I’ll post once a week, or more often if interesting things are happening. I hope the posts will be of interest and you’ll join in the discussion from time to time.

Live well, fair traveller.

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