Sons of Sol ®

PLEASE NOTE: Development is on indefinite hold as of July 2017.

In Sons of Sol®, take command of your family’s private military company and defend Kolrir’s colonies from pirate attacks.
Fight explosive battles with your intelligent wingmen, then return to manage the resources, contracts and missions of the company in a persistent strategy layer.

The game is best described as “Asteroids meets Wing Commander and XCOM”.

The game is early in development so we’re looking for your feedback and support. Please do download and play the latest version via the button at the top of this page. Leave your much-appreciated feedback either with the in-game link to Google Forms, here on the website, or via your preferred social media.

You can also read and engage with the ongoing Dev Log on TigSource or watch our game dev livestream broadcasts on YouTube.



  • Lead your forces through a non-linear strategic campaign, where the result of every battle matters.
  • Revel in an arcade-style space shooter for the 21st century, with Newtonian physics and detailed AI.
  • Grow with your squadron! Use training doctrines, equipment upgrades, and specific orders in battle to transform your ragtag squadron into an elite fighting unit!
  • Mourn your fallen comrades or rescue them from imprisonment. Permadeath, capture, and rescue are all in play.
  • Marvel at responsive enemy strategies. Don’t expect the same tactics to work every time, and don’t expect to win every battle.
  • Gain notoriety! As you grow more successful, challenging bounty hunters will be drawn to your engagements to hunt you down.
  • Be mindful of your short and long term objectives through a variety of mission types like Raid, Escort, Base assault/defense, Capture and Eliminate.