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Unity Web Player | 1GAM -2015 Feb- Resistance

Unity Web Player | 1GAM -2015 Feb- Resistance

This game was made in February 2015 as part of the Dublin One Game A Month (1GAM)’s challenge. The theme was “Resistance”, which had me creating a game where I envisioned having the blue team holding off against waves of red team attacks, but as I went on and developed the AI and pathfinding, I thought it might be fun to take a new approach; one where you play neither team, but the warmongerer supplying both sides, through the innocent medium of paintball.

As such, the game sort of plays itself, but you can influence it in an attempt to maximise your profits.

This is really meant as a demonstration of what I could do with AI and pathfinding. The AI will leap frog each other, military-style, in the direction of the enemy’s flag, but only when it’s relatively safe to do so (no enemies currently in their range).
I find it a joy to watch. This game is more of a spectator’s game.


Rob Reinhardt – title screen & barrel art
Kevin Murphy – remaining art, concept, game design, programming, sound.

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