Darren Lowe Music – Darren is a professional games music composer and did the music on the original Sons of Sol: Crow’s Nest prototype, as well as on the current version of the game. Listen to him on SoundCloud here.


PushyPixels – Max Maroe and his team are extremely good tutors for any game designer using Unity. I learned so much doing their series on how to make different games like RTS, Asteroids, Starfox, etc. Check out their YouTube channel and pick a game type to try make. They also do a short, daily “Breakfast” show where you learn one specific thing. Very handy.


Unity3d – A free game-making engine. There is a slight learning curve but Unity’s own tutorials and manuals are extremely useful and there are sample projects to get you started if you’ve ever thought you’d like to make games. Plus there’s a wealth of online forums and YouTube tutorials to keep you going. 
GameMaker Studio is another good place to start, apparently, though I haven’t tried it.


Extra Credits – This is a great team of games industry experts who’ve been doing regular videos on game topics for years. They’re funny, knowledgeable, experienced, largely objective, and a great way to spend 5-10 minutes on YouTube at a time for anyone interested in playing or making games. Their stuff directly inspired the gameplay in my ants game.


Sons of Sol Wiki – This is the Wiki page for my Sons of Sol universe. Given that Crow’s Nest is the very first public work of any kind in that universe, the page is pretty sparse so far, but it will develop.


1GAM – One Game A Month is a Dublin-based meetup of games people to show off what they’ve been at. They endeavour to make a game per month towards a given theme. My ant game was made for this.


Global Game Jam – This is an annual global event and a great way to meet other people interested in making games, though you can work on your own if you like. Check the site for the nearest Jam location to you if you’re interested in participating. There’s a small entrance fee but in my experience you get more than enough free food to compensate for that.
My Game Jam Simulator was built in less than 48 hours with a team put together at this in 2015.