Global Game Jam 2015 – Game Jam Simulator

Global Game Jam 2015 was my first ever game jam. A 48 hour session held (for Dublin’s locale) in Microsoft Ireland, Sandyford, Dublin.
The nature of a game jam is that you meet new people and make something with them over the given time limit along the lines of the given theme.

The theme for 2015 was “What do we do now?”

Somehow this led our group to make a Game Jam Simulator. The game isn’t complete exactly (this is usually the way with a game jam, as our simulator may teach you) but it is hosted here for posterity. The GGJ website links to this page for our game entry so I’ll be keeping the page active, though I won’t likely be working on this title again.

It’s a quick game with good humour. See how you like it.