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Continuing a trend for my Dublin One Game A Month (1GAM) game jams, this was again made in 2 days for the May 2015 challenge. The theme was “Conspiracy“. I usually get a few ideas but this time I knew I wanted to keep it simple because I was starting RetroNeo Games and showing my most up to date demos of Sons of Sol: Crow’s Next at two events in the month. So I thought “side scrolling UFO abduct-em-up set in Roswell in 1947” and stuck with that.

We kind of forgot that we were setting it in 1947 for a while and wound up with helicopters and jet planes in the game, which didn’t exist then, obviously.. or did they?… Maybe that’s part of the conspiracy…

I was very glad to be able to do something with my friend M-Train as we’d talked about it a lot before but haven’t actually created anything together probably since we used to be in the same band. We’ve a pretty similar sense of humour and were on the same page for every single game design, sound, and graphical decision that came our way. We’d great craic making this and laughed our asses off. Hopefully you will too. 

We’re especially happy with the visual style. Before we met up, M-Train sent me a photo of doodles he was doing in work to get ready, and we actually used the original UFO image he drew, scanned off the back of a Boyle Sports betting slip. The audio was entirely M-Train a capella also, but we thought we wanted a female computer voice so my ever-supportive girlfriend Azaria Starfire lent her voice acting skills. She sounds so accented, effected, and auto-tuned, but that’s a totally unaltered original recording of her that you hear when you abduct the cows.

Hope you have as much fun playing this as we did making it. As always, I might come back to this game in future, as there’s more potential here than what we banged out in one and a half days, but for now it’s playable and fun and that’s all that really matters.


Kevin Murphy – Programming
M-Train – Art & Audio
Azaria Starfire – Additional Vocals

I’m using a font by Denne schooLgirL since this is for non-commercial use. Here’s the link to her/ it.

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