Commute Dispute

Global Game Jam 2016 marked 1 year since my first game jam. A 48 hour session held (for Dublin’s locale) in Microsoft Ireland, Sandyford, Dublin.
The nature of a game jam is that you meet new people and make something with them over the given time limit along the lines of the given theme.

The theme for 2016 was “Ritual.”

As a group (credits on main menu of the game) we wound up thinking of the ritual of the morning commute to work or college, and how irritating it can be. This led to a Streets of Rage idea where the player can beat up on ignorant pedestrians who are bumping into them with their heads in their phones or newspapers.

In the 48 hours we didn’t quite get as far as we wanted and basically only beat up passing people for points. I worked on it a little afterwards to put in some of the art assets that the others had drawn during the weekend but that I hadn’t time to put in the engine. So now you can hit people with newspapers and they drop them and run off. This makes a bit more sense.

It’s just a quick game with good humour and no logic. See how you like it, and if you can beat your own high score.

A global leader board was created for the PC version of the game, but WebGL (the version on this page) unfortunately blocks most outside web connections so you can only beat your own high score, not others’.