1GAM – “Might”

1GAM is a meetup in Dublin, Ireland, held once a month. Folks can come and show off their games and try out each others’. A theme is given for the next month’s meetup and you may endeavour to build a small game in that theme, or not.

For January 2015, my first month in the group, the theme was “Might”.

I went through a few ideas and generally was thinking along the lines of overpowered weaponry, but landed on burning ants with a magnifying glass. It’s a situation where you are in a position of complete power and dominance over other life. 

This led me to wanting to play with the idea of “might makes right”. I wound up making them game into a satire of so many things, quite unintentionally. It’s a commentary on life, power, children, parents, video games, society, the environment, international relations, gun control, and magnifying glasses! The beautiful part was that I really wasn’t heading that way myself, but got there so easily and was happy when I arrived.

My total time spent on making this game was about 20 hours over 4 days. As such, there are features I wanted to include but couldn’t in the time I had. There’s possibly some balancing issues too but what’s there is pretty solid. As always, feedback on how to make it better would be appreciated and I could update the game on the site if people throw some good ideas out.

Play the game as you will. Just know there’s 3 different endings.
There’s also a cheat code in the game inspired by the Electric Six song Gun Rights. I love that band! The cheat code is the fourth and fifth words typed together quickly with no spaces.